TRACPIPE have got something magic up their sleeve..

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We always like to champion product innovation at Specifi with our events creating a fantastic forum where specifiers across Architecture, Landscape, Interiors and Building Services can peruse new products and pick the brains of the tech teams in a relaxed friendly room to access as much knowledge and support possible.

The innovation I would like to share isTracPipe®CC™ by Omegaflex a British manufacturer with a dedicated Gas Safe registered technical support team who attend our Services Programme roadshow events all over the UK offering technical advice, pipe sizing service and on-site installer training.

“So what’s so special about this yellow pipe”, I hear you ask…

TracPipe®CC™ has been designed to overcome the need to install an additional secondary containment sleeve as the product is produced with the secondary containment already in place.

This means designers now have the option of not having to ventilate riser or ceiling voids plus when installed in a continuous length this ‘pipe-in-pipe’ system has a 2-hour fire rating.

Contractors also benefit from the innovation in installation with the solution allowing them to overcome support and jointing issues associated with both vertical and horizontal service runs and limited space within voids.

Previously the only option would be to ventilate the riser top and bottom or to build a costly, time consuming and often unsightly bespoke steel welded pipe in pipe solution rather than this much lighter and quicker to install innovation.

The clever bit is the second outer cover which includes ridges on the internal surface which form channels between the first and second covers. In the unlikely event of a gas escape, the design allows for a passage to be formed for any escaping gas to move freely along the space formed to a safe and ventilated location at each end of the pipe.

The new TracPipeCC® has already been used on exclusive high-end residential apartments in Knightsbridge, Northampton, Swansea and Newcastle as well as modular house construction.

If you want to find out more about this innovation just follow this link: