The growing power of data – Paul Wilkinson The start of a new year is often when we look forward and try to forecast new or continuing trends. So far as construction technology is concerned, it will largely be more
The London Services Healthy Materials Think Tank, in conversation with Ana Dias and Martin Brown, explored a number of the challenges that product manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and others in our built environment are currently facing and addressing. Following the think
If we are to address climate change, avoid climate breakdown and cap global temperature increase to 1.5 degC, and to face up to the IPCC 2018 Report warnings, then only reducing carbon from buildings and construction will not be enough,
The New Normal: Skills and Roles for a Sustainable Future Martin Brown From Facilities Managers as ‘Wellness Officers’ to Building Service Engineers who (RE)Design buildings as power stations, we will require new and widespread sustainability skills, if we to move