In my talks I emphasise that the government and other forward-looking client businesses are demanding wider changes to how the industry works. The January 2018 collapse of Carillion is just one sign of a deeper malaise within the UK construction
Health and Wellbeing Sustainability – the New Normal Specifi keynote talks and network discussions regularly feature the emerging sustainability standards that are rapidly gaining in popularity. These are the Living Building Challenge Standard, Well Build Standard and Fitwel, standards
Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash   Thank you to everyone who came along to the Bristol Specifi landscape event – it was great to meet so many
A comment and question after the talk in Liverpool led to an interesting pre-dinner networking discussion. Are cities an ecosystem? For a short response the answer is yes, but, as in all eco systems, its complex, but makes for a
Martin Brown My Specifi keynotes highlight the young building standards that focus on regenerative and health, for example the Living Building Challenge and the Well Build Standard. Following the Birmingham Service keynote and engaging conversations over dinner, we had an