Barbara (formerly of amazonails) and her team of Associates have created many beautiful and durable residential and commercial buildings using straw bales and natural materials. Collectively they have been involved in more than 300 buildings in the UK and Europe, ranging from tiny garden buildings to the UK’s largest straw bale building to date.

Barbara trained as a carpenter and joiner a long time ago, and specialised in roofing because she loved it the most (challenging, a bit dangerous, lovely views), starting Amazon Nails, a women’s roofing company, in 1989. Then she discovered strawbale building in 1994 and knew this was her true path. Everything she tried to do: learn, gain experience, make contacts, was easy and she was encouraged to share her passion even though she was laughed at a lot in the early days. Barbara now truly believes she has found a way for ordinary people to get involved in building again, through simple techniques and affordable methods.

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