Martin Brown

Sustainability Provocateur.

Martin explores our sustainable futures, sharing powerful messages and inspiring stories about the tough choices we face and the opportunities we have to create a better tomorrow.

Can you face up to a sustainable future?

Do we really have the luxury of only being less bad, of only reducing impact. Over the last thirty years we have used the mantra of doing nothing today to compromise tomorrows generation, and yet we continue to do more bad and to compromise. This has to stop.

From understanding climate change, reconnecting with nature, rethinking carbon management and the materials we use in our buildings Martin acknowledges we can all imagine better and provokes improvement. Move away from that doing nothing today mindset. of only being less bad, to a sustainable built environment that regenerates, does more good, and makes more than it takes.

Why should we listen?

The built environment is facing an avalanche of disruptive change; methods of design and construction; digital technical and financial; social and climate imperatives; shifts in investment and a new understanding of how we value buildings.

Some of these disruptions are from within our sector, far more are external. Martin alerts to the next and emerging initiative and imperative that organisations in the built environment must address now for a sustainable future.

Across the UK and around the world we have thousands of inspiring examples where buildings and built environment organisations have shifted from being part of the climate change problem to being a real part of climate change solutions. And are benefiting economically and socially from doing so. Are you shifting?

Welcome to the new normal!

Claire Thirlwall

Claire is passionate about ensuring the due recognition and the importance of landscaping and landscapers contribution to the sustainable success of any project.

Claire is a chartered landscape architect at Thirlwall Associates, a landscape architecture consultancy based near Oxford, working with architects, engineers, planners, project managers and other construction professionals as part of the project team. Claire has also worked as a specialist sub-consultant to other landscape architecture practices.

Andrew Heald

Andrew is a sustainability and natural resource management professional, with 20 years of international experience, balancing commercial, social and environmental challenges and objectives, and the ability to interpret, audit and comply with international standards, including FSC, PEFC and ISO.

A lot of his work centres on forest certification in the UK—how to make certification simpler, more robust and risk-based, and how to incorporate remote sensing to reduce auditing costs.

Joe Clancy

Joe is a landscape architect, horticulturist, biophilic design consultant, public speaker and architectural journalist and author of numerous articles on landscape architecture, but the primary focus of his literary/research work is on biophilic design and restorative environments.

Joe is the co-author of Terrapin Bright Green’s 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design: Improving Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment (2014) and has also been published in MIT’s International Journal of Architectural Research, Horticulture Connected and the Chinese publication, Landscape Architecture Frontiers, edited by Professor Kongjian Yu of Turenscape Landscape Architecture.

Richard MacCowan

Richard is a designer and the Founder of innovation lab Biomimicry UK

He has worked on a number of projects across Europe from industrial, materials, and packaging, through to architecture and masterplanning.

Setting up Biomimicry UK in 2012 allowed him to develop this sector in the UK and making some great connections around the world. He is now focusing on looking into manufacturing processes, packaging innovation and industrial ecology / symbiosis for cities.

Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson has been working in the UK construction industry since 1987, starting in professional services before moving on to information technology. He was head of communications at a construction Software-as-a-Service start-up for 10 years, and since 2009 has been an independent technology analyst, PR consultant, journalist and blogger.

He is an authority on the use of construction collaboration technology platforms, SaaS and related developments in fields such as BIM, mobile technologies and social media. Applying this knowledge, he is deputy chair of the information systems panel at the Institution of Civil Engineers, a member of the management team at Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT, and has been a visiting lecturer at University of Westminster.

As a professional communicator, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, an elected member of the CIPR Council, former chair of its policy and campaigns committee, and chair of its construction and property special interest group (CAPSIG).​ He represents the CIPR on the Construction Industry Council, and is also active in Constructing Excellence and in International Building Press.