Project Name .. Augusta Bay, Llanelli

Practice Name .. Powell Dobson

Client Name .. Private

Augusta Bay is a five-bedroom house that forms part of the final phase of the wider Pentre Nicklaus development in Llanelli, a unique site affording spectacular views over the Laugher Estuary to the Gower Peninsular beyond. The site was made up of two undeveloped plots, developing it as a single dwelling has ensured that the potential of the site is maximized in terms of layout, views, and quality of spaces, also easing the density of the compact site. Critical to its development was its integration with the existing housing development which is of exemplar planning status regionally. The scale, proportion and massing of the rear elevation facing the estuary, was particularly critical and carefully negotiated through the planning process.

The majority of the dwelling is grey Cape Cod cladding reflecting the surrounding properties, and suited to the exposed coastal location and climate. The texture and colour of the local pennant stone wall contrast effectively with the cladding, it runs through the house from the main entrance where visitors are drawn in by the low roof, to the rear where it forms a chimney, and visually divides the property. Internally the wall defines the spaces that hang off it, key features such as the fireplace and the staircase cantilever from it and it reinforces the axis through the centre of the house towards the view. A key concept is the softening of the boundary between internal and external spaces, and first-floor living, both are derived from the client’s original brief to allow them to live outside as much as possible.