Skyline – Specifi’s first coffee table book well on the way

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After meeting a very talented pen and ink architectural illustrator we thought it would be great to produce our very own coffee table book capturing buildings of architectural note across the 12 major cities we visit.

Two practices from each city will be invited to select a building of note, we are happy to leave the reason up to them and then we will have their choice drawn up and positioned in our book along with 150 words on why they chose that particular building of note.

Paul Brooke, specifi CEO said.. ” A chance purchase of some artwork and a subsequent coffee led to Skyline being born allowing us to create something special with our built environment communities beyond our usual events – the concept has been really well received by all so far and we can’t wait to see the finished first edition.”

The images will also be pulled together to create a specifi fantasy skyline of the UK with a view to this changing year on year and although this year we have kick-started the project with invites going forwards we would like each city to put forward and choose its own buildings within our events themselves for the 2019 version.