Beast from the East or Layer up Leeds!

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Our recent visit to Yorkshire encountered an unexpected foe – The Beast from The East, a thing of legend and based on the media an apocalyptic event like no other – imagine our horror having back to back events to deliver in the heart of such a natural disaster…

do we cancel the event??

what are our contingency plans??

The Specifi Serpent emergency committee was duly assembled…

The outcome was decided – Yorkshire folk are made from tuff stuff and it would take more than the expected Siberian conditions to put them off their annual specifi fix but still from a duty of care perspective we decided to issue some guidance, as follows…

  1. If you are planning on wearing a t-shirt please consider a vest/under garment
  2. If you are wearing a blouse/shirt please consider rolling the sleeves down
  3. If you really feel the cold maybe go all out and wear a waistcoat/tank top as a wind stopper
  4. Be very careful if donning a full jumper – remember your body won’t be used to having to cool itself in such sweltering conditions and this itself may put you at risk.

Job done!

Needless to say the “Beast” passed without causing any real major issues and we delivered 2 cracking events in Yorkshire our home venue.