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so why have we introduced the
project of the year awards…

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… to recognise the great work of the practices and their local teams that attend our events

… share/discuss your best project work in an open relaxed forum of your peers

… provide a rare opportunity for a live peer vote on the evening of your local event

… create a platform for local, regional and national recognition

… further, utilise our industry focussed events to build communities and celebrate their great work

… make a difference via our event charity partner TREE AID – 5000 trees being planted each year

… help promote and raise the profile of practices that support our events all over the UK

Entry Criteria

we like things easy & simple, so here goes…

How To Enter

… all nominations can be entered via our secure web portal

… no fee required – we cover all costs of the awards


Entry Criteria

… your office/team must be based in the city/region of the event city location you intend to nominate
for example Specifi Nottingham Design could include offices from Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Leicester, Mansfield etc.

… your office must have been the lead on the project you nominate

… the project you nominate is not location specific – we can accept projects from across the world!

… the project must have reached practical completion in the last 2 years



… Specifi will produce boards for each nomination to be displayed at the event

… all attendees will be issued with voting tokens on the evening each vote cast will support our charity TREE AID

… votes will be counted before the dinner element of the event and winner and highly commended will be named and presented with awards over dinner.


we really want you to get the recognition you deserve …


… nominations will be displayed un the main exhibition area and over dinner at the event.
… digital versions will be published on the Specifi website awards area


Other Media

… We will provide information on all winning, highly commended and commended entries to other architectural
magazines, newspapers, websites and relevant media to build recognition for finalists and the winner.


Other Media

… Entrants will acknowledge that Specifi has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment
of copyright. Where we are made aware of their names, photographers will be acknowledged.


Use of Images in Promotional Material

… Specifi also reserves the right to make use of images of winning projects, both in print and digital media, for
editorial and promotional material in connection with the Specifi Project of the Year Awards.

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pick a project & plant a tree…

TREE AID helps people in the drylands of Africa to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment.

People here live in some of the toughest conditions on earth and trees are essential to their survival. Trees provide nutrition, generate income and help to create a healthy environment.

TREE AID works with local communities to help them protect and grow trees, for themselves and for future generations.

TREE AID’s She Grows appeal will support women in Mali to grow themselves, and their families, out of poverty while reversing the effects of deforestation and climate change.

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